Thursday, October 21, 2010

Re: Compiling OSG 2.8.0 in Cygwin- missing -lGL and -lGLU during linker stage

$ cmake ..
/usr/bin/cmake.exe: error while loading shared libraries: cygidn-11.dll: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

install libidn devel etc.?

$ cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/home/newton/other/install
-- Could NOT find LibXml2  (missing:  LIBXML2_LIBRARIES LIBXML2_INCLUDE_DIR)
-- Could NOT find PNG  (missing:  PNG_LIBRARY PNG_PNG_INCLUDE_DIR)

now get

XX shared library ../../bin/cygosg-66.dll
CMakeFiles/osg.dir/AlphaFunc.o:AlphaFunc.cpp:(.text+0x21a): undefined reference to `_glAlphaFunc'
CMakeFiles/osg.dir/ArrayDispatchers.o:ArrayDispatchers.cpp:(.text+0x1434): undefined reference to `_glVertex2fv'
CMakeFiles/osg.dir/ArrayDispatchers.o:ArrayDispatchers.cpp:(.text+0x145a): undefined reference to `_glVertex3fv'
CMakeFiles/osg.dir/ArrayDispatchers.o:ArrayDispatchers.cpp:(.text+0x1480): undefined reference to `_glVertex2dv'
CMakeFiles/osg.dir/ArrayDispatchers.o:ArrayDispatchers.cpp:(.text+0x14a6): undefined reference to `_glVertex3dv'
CMakeFiles/osg.dir/ArrayDispatchers.o:ArrayDispatchers.cpp:(.text+0x14cc): undefined reference to `_glNormal3bv'


From your build tree type "make edit_cache", this is the same as running "ccmake /path/to/source/tree".

Check the contents of the OPENGL_gl_LIBRARY and OPENGL_glu_LIBRARY variables.  They should be pointed to the libraries you want to use for GL and GLU.  They are under the Advanced section of the cache.

On Fri, Mar 27, 2009 at 3:55 PM, Lucas wrote:
Otherwise there will be a lot of error output like this:

[ 15%] Building CXX object src/osg/CMakeFiles/osg.dir/Viewport.o
Linking CXX shared library ../../bin/cygosg-2.8.0.dll
CMakeFiles/osg.dir/AlphaFunc.o:AlphaFunc.cpp:(.text+0x14): undefined
reference to `_glAlphaFunc'
undefined reference to `_glGetString'
undefined reference to `_glGetString'
undefined reference to `_glGetString'
undefined reference to `_glGetString'
undefined reference to `_glGetString'

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chip Defender

This is the first good html5 game I found, though it had problems with slowdown when lots of enemies are on screen. Though that isn't too much of a problem since user intervention isn't required frequently.

The second level required three or four tries, and maybe a dozen to beat the third hardest level. A few times I would make it to wave 97/100 with plenty of life left but then die abruptly, after an hour to get there. Later I figured out that putting the skull-and-bones weapons too closely together wasn't productive (two or more tend to waste their shots over-killing the same enemy but every enemy behind them will get past while they recharge).

The final configuration had the skull-and-bones every four or five squares along the track, a lot of life restoring weapons along the first length of the track, and an assortment of slowing defenses and double and single shot weapons everywhere else. It's crucial to build up to an energy level of 10000 or more by wave 95.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Verify your Battlefield Heroes account in gmail

If you get a verification email that appears to be blank, click on the downward arrow and click on 'show original', and then you should see a page of email text, scroll down to the link:

Content-Type: text/plain;
Content-Disposition: inline

Thanks for creating an account with Battlefield Heroes!

To verify that your account has been properly created we need you to click the link below and follow the on screen instruction.

And cut and paste the link and load it to complete the verification.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nvidia Tegra - ARhrrrr

It looks like they have an dev version of an Nvidia Tegra, I think that's mentioned in the video. How do I get one?

Also, how does it compare to the 3D capabilities of the new iphone? Any source code to the game or the libraries used?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Amazon Sneakernet

The next time you want to transfer a few terabytes to or from Amazon S3, mail them a few external hard drives and they'll fill them up and send them back. Not sure if Amazon Prime membership makes the shipping free or not.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

OpenCV 1.1pre1 on Ubuntu

To make it build with ffmpeg, install libswscale-dev, libavcodec-dev,
and libavformat-dev.

./configure --prefix=/home/binarymillenium/other/install/
--with-ffmpeg --without-gstreamer --without-xine --without-quicktime

It's important to set this if the install prefix is not the usual place:

export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$PKG_CONFIG_PATH:/home/binarymillenium/other/install/lib/pkgconfig

run ./ in samples dir to build samples